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The lawyers at Townsend Law are skilled at handling every type of storm damage insurance claim, be it from tornado, hurricane, pipe burst, fire, flood, hail, or wind – our lawyers and their skilled team of experts will analyze your policy, determine your rights under your state’s law, and quickly determine whether you are being treated fairly or not. Our representation includes:

At Townsend Law, our team has seen every tactic insurance companies use to unfairly delay or deny valid claims. If your claim has stalled, we have experience getting insurers to pay fairly. We’ve stood up to the largest insurers in the nation and have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. We fight to level the playing field against large insurance companies, no matter what.

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In many cases, property insurance claims are denied because the insurance carrier argues that the policyholder failed to provide “timely notice of the loss” — even in extreme situations involving hurricane damage. Lack of prompt notice is a common excuse justifying claim denial, but it can be somewhat confusing and stressful for policyholders — after all, at what point does a delay go from reasonable-to-unreasonable?

Given the complexity of prompt notice issues, we encourage you to contact Townsend Law for guidance. We are committed to thorough, client-focused advocacy. Our team will help you navigate the dispute and secure the benefits you deserve.

Boots on the Ground


At Townsend Law, we put the property owner out front and keep our clients informed at every stage of the insurance claim process. From first notice of loss until the last insurance payment is received, we personally walk you through the stages of the insurance process with boots on the ground in making sure that the insurance carrier holds their end of the bargain. From construction team walkthroughs, engineering inspections and expert testing, we make sure to be personally present at each stage of your insurance claim so that the process runs smoothly and efficiently, without any hiccups or delays. We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf.

All-Too-Common Insurance Denials

& Bad Faith Tactics

Storms cause billions of dollars in damage throughout the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia, and once the storm has passed, insurance companies revert to their all-too-common denial tactics that leave home, business, and property owners in a compromised position. Those tactics can include:

Whether your claim was delayed, underpaid, or denied, our hurricane damage insurance claim lawyers can help you pursue an optimal outcome by preparing, negotiating, and litigating a wide range of hurricane claim damages that allows you hold the insurance company responsible for the policy they wrote, and you agreed upon by paying your premium.

If We Are Not Successful—


If you have a claim, we will handle the matter through conclusion at no cost to you – we recover if you authorize us to settle with the insurer for an amount that makes you whole.