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The attorneys of Townsend Law are experienced construction law attorney’s in the Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama area whose law practice focuses on representing homeowners, condominium associations, and contractors who have become involved in legal disputes. Townsend Law is one of the few law firms with a substantial construction law practice focused on representing homeowners and condominium associations on claims arising from construction defects.

Specifically, we have litigated all types of construction law issues ranging from residential and commercial construction litigation, performance bond claims, breach of contract claims, and mechanic’s liens. In the past, we have represented large contractors, engineers and architects; however, our current law practice focuses on representing individuals, condominium associations, and small businesses who have been damaged by construction related issues.

How Do I Know if I Have a

Construction Defect Claim?

For a typical Alabama resident, purchasing a new home is the largest investment he or she will make in their life. While purchasing a new home should be a joyful occasion, there are some times defects in the home that must be repaired. When problems with construction arise, most builders will promptly address these issues under their warranty obligations. However, when significant construction defects are not addressed by the contractor, the results for a homeowner can be financially devastating. When significant defects go unrepaired it is time to consult with an experienced construction law attorney. Almost any physical condition that reduces the value of a home, condominium, or commercial building can be legally considered a defect in design or workmanship. In Alabama, most construction defect claims relate to newly built homes (within the past few years) due to the fact that warranties do not extend to subsequent purchasers.

These defects may include structural foundation and footing issues, electrical and plumbing issues, leaking windows and roofs, sinkholes and soil conditions, faulty drainage and materials and design issues. There may be concerns with a contractor’s failure to comply with building codes, licensure requirements, or even finishing the construction project. Unfortunately, there can be even more serious disputes with builders and materials suppliers making fraudulent misrepresentations regarding the quality of the homes.

Townsend Law has experience aggressively representing clients in construction defect claims arising out of many types of projects, including single-family homes, entire subdivisions and neighborhoods, multi-family residences, condominiums, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes. Construction claims can often be highly complex and require technical knowledge to properly communicate your claims to an arbitrator, judge or jury.

Whether you are the homeowner who is in need of a solution, or a builder or contractor who wants to defend your company against false claims, our firm has the necessary expertise to handle your case.

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